Unemployment Compensation

If you are terminated from your job, you may qualify for temporary payments of money through unemployment compensation. It is important that you contact an unemployment compensation service center in your state to obtain benefits very soon after your separation from employment.

Unemployment Service Centers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York have made filing for benefits very convenient. In each of these states, you may apply for benefits over the phone and/or over the internet.

Once you have submitted a claim, your employer will be asked to provide information about the circumstances surrounding your separation from employment. Depending on the information provided by your employer, you may initially be denied benefits. Regardless of whether you are initially denied benefits or are initially granted benefits, you or your employer will have a right to appeal the decision.

It is very important that you know there is only a very short period of time within which to appeal a decision by the unemployment service center. You must make a timely appeal or you may forever waive your right to any unemployment benefits.

In Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York you are generally permitted to have an attorney represent you at certain stages of the appeal process. Attorneys are permitted to assist in the appeal process because many rules that govern civil trials also govern unemployment hearings, including the right to cross-examine witnesses.

If you have any questions about the unemployment appeals process or believe that you need the assistance of an employment attorney at any stage of your unemployment appeal, please call our office for a free consultation.

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